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Social Responsibility

Fundación Flor de la Esperanza

The Flor de la Esperanza Foundation tirelessly seeks the Integral Human Development of low-income children and youth, specifically in the Fe y Alegría schools in the city of Barquisimeto in Lara State, and with the firm commitment of working to be able to replicate in the future in the rest of the country . , places with extreme poverty, where school dropout, teenage pregnancy, violence and malnutrition play a leading role. Its objective is to promote the expansion of opportunities and capacities of each of the boys and girls in an integral way through art, sports and nutrition.

2019 in figures

  • 160 boys and girls receive education in values through the programs.
  • 600 people among young people, children and teachers receive a nutritious breakfast daily.
  • 110 children receive training to develop their abilities and exploit their artistic and technical skills.
  • 600 children have received uniforms and school supplies through the foundation’s programs to support them and continue in the school stage.
  • 1,200 people benefited from the primary medical care plan and treatment of various diseases.
  • More than 1,500 plates of food delivered at community events.
  • 150 young people joined as volunteers and collaborators of the Foundation.
  • 2000 people between adults and children enjoyed the Christmas season with the preparation of typical dishes of the time, gifts and lots of fun.
  • $ 5000 received from the CDEI Foundation for the Morral de illusiones and Christmas gifts programs.
  • $ 10,000 received in medicines from the Asociación Ayuda Venezuela.
  • $ 850 Received from the Fundación Somos Huella in Chile.
  • Doral Academy of Miami Florida included us in its Kids Help Kids program, and sent us supplies for our programs.
  • Received in Donation: Samsung tablets, children’s shoes, 1,500 cans of soap, 1,000 liters of disinfectant, shampoo and soaps, 4,000 light bulbs, jackets, 15,000 liters of water, 700kg of food, $ 12,000 in food supplements, 1,152 kg of food non-perishable, 1000 kg of corn, 400 kg of wheat flour, 300 kg of food, 600 liters of juice.

This foundation was born in 2015, from the hand of Andreina Suárez de Abreu and the plastic artist Jesús Pernalete Tua, people with a long history in social aid, and with a deep desire to build a country of opportunities.